For Grupo Team creating a safer world is a responsibility shared by everyone, to be able to build a more extensive concept of freedom, development, security and human rights.

We believe that security and freedom are keys upon which is based society for a peaceful coexistence. The widest concept of freedom includes the idea that the development of security along with evolution of times go together. A wider concept of security also implies avoiding threats and dangers by promoting prevention security.

To achieve the goal of a safer world we have to address the main concern of current society, civil insecurity. For that it is necessary the cooperation of the citizenship and the organizations destined to secure their peaceful coexistence, eradication of violence, the proper and ordered use of roads or public spaces and in general avoid crime of any kind.

People and companies need safety to develop themselves. Grupo Team performs activities aimed to fight some of the main threats they face nowadays.

The implementation of an awareness program to their clients destined to the sensibility of risks over current safety problems and Grupo Team’s function.

The creation of formation programs about prevention of crime and organizing training courses to improve the skills on these matters.

The articulation of new schemes to ensure a safer society and in a fair balance is the great challenge for Grupo Team.


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