The figure of the assistant or auxiliary is used to cover any need or activity not directly related with private security. For that matter, our services focus fundamentally on:

  • Gatekeepers
  • Auxiliaries and janitors
  • Stewards
  • Ushers


We have the biggest national gate keeping staff to help security guard’s job.

Regulated by Public Shows and Recreational Activities Law, they perform access control activity on certain shows and recreational activities.

The gatekeepers may deliver the following:

  • Guide and secure the peaceful entrance of people to the public location, public show or recreational activity not disturbing the performance of the show or recreational activity that is taking place.
  • Verify the age of attendants if required
  • Check the purchase of tickets by the attendants.
  • Check at all times not to exceed the authorized capacity.
  • Require the intervention of the establishment’s security services, if applicable, or the police, if needed.
  • Controlling the transit to restricted areas.
  • Oversee that the drinks sold are being consumed inside and, under no circumstances, are taken outside the facility.
  • Prohibiting public’s access after the closing time.
  • Inform immediately to the establishment’s security services, if applicable, or the police about any order disturbance that occur in the access gates or inside the facility; without prejudice of the actions they might carry on in order to ensure people’s physical integrity and the goods, when an emergency situation arises.
  • Allow and cooperate with regulatory inspections established by applicable law.


This staff supports our guards and provides service to the community.

Our janitor services on urban properties are focused on attention and maintenance labors in the community, facilitating as much as possible the wellness of the owners.

Their main functions are:

  • Access control of people and vehicles
  • Guiding visitors and workers
  • Daily control of receptions and logs from suppliers
  • Gates opening and closing and community doors
  • Collect and distribute mail and packages
  • Maintenance service for lightning, supply meters and mechanical or electrical equipments
  • Switch community lightning on and off
  • Daily waste collection and recycling
  • Move / collect community containers
  • Regular inspection rounds, checking the premises and the proper functioning of equipment.


With the steward service we assume the commitment to give coverage to the visitor in celebrations, conferences, exhibitions, opening ceremonies, fairs, promotions, tournaments or presentations; in a professional way and designed according to our client’s needs.

Grupo Team will select the work team and design their activity development, adapting it to the kind of event the client will perform, bringing a work methodology always aimed to our client’s complete satisfaction.

We understand that the organization of an event requires time and dedication so that everything will come out in a perfect way. Success is directly linked to the professionalism of the staff on duty.

We provide advice on the auxiliary back up and stewards services in all kind of social events by:

  • Distributing information from the company responsible of the event and introducing, where appropriate, the products on the fair or act taking place.
  • Filling out the applications from clients and attracting new ones.
  • Giving presentations to clients.
  • Assembling of stands and necessary premises for the event.
  • Receiving speakers and guests.
  • Delivering audio-visual material, microphones, posters for speakers, drinks, gifts, etc.
  • Guiding VIP guests to their seats.
  • Receiving and escorting authorities.
  • Making credentials, receiving guests and accommodating VIP guests.
  • Dispensing information about the show or event.


They perform a profession as ancient as shows themselves. One of their main tasks is escorting guests to their seats, but they are also responsible of the safety of the attendants, making sure that all corridors and fire exits are clear.


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